Today, we’ll use our background with FinTech apps to tell you why UI/UX is so crucial for trading platforms. Our team has masterfully blended advanced technology and first-class UI/UX in these platforms. Scalability is significant for the design of trading software in terms of user experience. It allows a platform to handle more transfers, clients, and data as the usage increments.

  • Some research shows that many customers are not satisfied with the UX of the trading platforms they use.
  • When you log in your BabyPips account, you see a visual report of your activity.
  • According to Finder, more than half of financial experts foresee that by 2050 bitcoin will overtake fiat currencies.
  • Information needs to be clear and actionable, and context needs to be provided.
  • Other fintech companies shifted to offer commission-free stock trading, low fees, and low minimum balance requirements.

Ease of use is one of the core principles that should go hand in hand with the product’s value. Before, blockchain companies could afford to skip user research and UX/UI design steps, focusing on other competitive edges. But if (or when) crypto will equate to or even dominate fiat currencies, customer-centricity and user experience will become the main distinguishers.

They may want to know when a stock moves five percent, ten percent, or set some other custom threshold at which they’d like a push notification. Price alerts can help users monitor the movements of individual stocks they wish to track. These alerts are a fundamental use case, but they have the potential to annoy users if they’re sent too frequently. That being said, let your users choose the type and frequency of price alerts they receive. Both platforms focus on providing high-quality training and education to those who are making their first steps in Forex trading.

In such instances, the design team finds ways to address these problems in the design, so they don’t affect the product experience. Without even one element, “the new user” arrives unprepared, hoping to be guided and helped while also expecting a frictionless and delightful experience they’ve expected from other services. It is only a matter of time when this “new user” becomes an “average” user who abandons the service the second they don’t receive the frictionless experience and guidance they expect to receive.

On our side, we had one UX designer and one UX researcher, the latter of which also taking on the role of project manager. Prior to contacting UX studio, Zignaly had detected certain frictions in its customers’ first experiences with the product, which resulted in a suboptimal activation rate. One benefit of static thresholds is that you can always understand why the alert triggered, and this clear understanding is the main obstacle to the wide-scale adoption of algorithmic alerting. Information needs to be clear and actionable, and context needs to be provided. A black-box algorithm surfacing activity with no explanation or context will only frustrate you. The most basic constraint of alerting systems today is that they need to be told what to watch.

While good user experience always means user-centricity, there are often different ways to reach it depending on the specific product. Every type of product has its specific user needs and challenges that should be addressed in the UX/UI design, and these user needs and potential UX design problems can only be determined by professional research. But revealing the specific needs and challenges with your product is only half the battle; you must also find the solutions to the detected UX issues. There are cases when some revealed UX problems can’t be fixed right away as the company doesn’t have the needed resources.

UX alerting issues in trading platforms

When it comes to these types of messages, it’s best practice to give your users control in customizing how often they want these updates and at what cutoffs. Set up alerts around major market fluctuations, so users know when the market is high or low and can take action accordingly. And in the next paragraph, we will define why quality UI and UX design is so critical while designing all the above-listed features. Also, to ensure a good UX, limit design elements on a page and simplify lengthy content.

You’re not the only person responding to an alert, and there’s a lot of value in everyone on your team seeing the same things at the same times. You don’t want a feed that’s personalized to you alone, because then you can’t be sure that your team is seeing the same things. What all these methods have in common is that they introduce a lot of additional flexibility in how the system tracks thresholds and utilizes time. They’re still created like alerts, though, with their metrics and scopes defined when created.

However, individual US traders have the option to also trade through offshore brokers that are not subject to the CFTC rules. The number of offshore Forex brokers accepting Americans is also very limited. This broker allows traders to fund their accounts with popular cryptocurrencies, such as ETH, BTC and XRP. is an excellent option for cost-conscious traders looking for low trading fees, competitive spreads and a powerful platform to support algorithmic trading strategies. NADEX does stand out from other platforms we’ve profiled, however, in that it does not allow traders to find an account with credit. Only payment methods backed by real cash, such as debit cards, checks, wire transfers and ACH transfers will do.

One of the keys to the success of this project was that we collaborated directly with Zignaly’s CEO, the head of marketing, and lead developer. This direct and continuous communication with the highest trading platform design stakeholders from the client’s side kept the conversation at a high and strategic level at all times. Schematic UX design (low fidelity wireframes, which reflect main screens, and user flows).

A good user journey is usually achieved by following the main UX principles. For example, to determine whether an image or a text portion is interactive, standard web conventions suggest underlining interactive text, providing a button, or offering a clear indication that it can be selected. User research aims to understand the user’s behaviour with the product, their trading experience and knowledge, and their goals and needs. It helps analyse the market drivers, learn the current industry challenges, and understand the project demand. Get a better understanding of the useful features of a trading website and the process to build it.

UX alerting issues in trading platforms

Trading on binary options, you’ll need charts with exchange rate quotations with the possibility to choose a suitable time frame. Each strategy and approach to trading demands different operational tools, and schemes of how and what data should be examined and displayed. 1.Crypto trading platforms and exchanges are complex – There’s a lot of perceived complexity surrounding constantly evolving cryptocurrency trading pairs and their underlying protocols. With several crypto exchanges mushrooming by the day, it’s challenging for crypto traders to keep up with the steep learning curve that each exchange demands. Having to unlearn and relearn a certain set of steps to use different exchanges can be tiring for users, leading them to give up way too soon.

As financial regulatory bodies such as FCA and SEC call on financial companies to protect investors against underlying risks, you can ask prospects to read certain documents before they apply. Your online trading portal should be accessible from any electronic device and operate well in any browser. It allows traders to deliver bespoke investment solutions and gives clients the ability to manage portfolios on their own easily. In this list, we provide guidelines for visualizing and communicating search components. These usability guidelines are dependent mostly on human behavior, which changes slowly, and a lot less on the specifics of a given technology, which can change quickly. As you adopt the following guidelines in your own work, consider the core user behaviors and usability principles at play (not just the technology).